Long story short. I was on holiday and took some Panoramic photos using my DSLR. Images were taken in multiple files, so I need to merge them using some software. I know that Adobe Photoshop can do that but my experience with it wasn’t satisfactory. So, I used software that I knew can do the job.

I chose Hugin because it is very advanced and I am experienced in it. So, I downloaded and installed it on my machine. So far so good….

I was trying to import images but unfortunately, it failed. I try many ways, different image formats and settings but still can’t import those images. I was desperate and almost gave up.

Finally, I found a solution on one forum that solves the problem. Problem was that Hugin importer functionality hates file path names that consists of language-specific characters. For example, the directory path “C:\Panorāma\” was not valid. I renamed the path to “C:\Panorama\” and all started to work just fine.

Conclusion. It was very surprising for me that in 2022 still, we must deal with such old problems.